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Rivers Edge Inspections - Home Inspection Services

Rivers Edge Inspections performs home inspection services in Kamloops and the Thompson-Okanagan Areas.

Below is a quick overview of our inspection services.

Click to learn more about each service.

Pre-listing home inspection

Thinking of selling?

Curious about what potential buyers or inspectors may find?
We can provide a pre-listing inspection to give you an idea of the overall condition of your home. We can provide a visual inspection of all of your major home systems and components.
A pre-listing inspection can help you get the most out of the sale of your home by identifying issues beforehand that the buyers may use as a bargaining tool.

Inspections: Selling
pre-purchase home inspections

Are you looking to purchase a new home?

We can perform a thorough visual inspection of all of the major elements of your prospective new home.

We follow the HIABC scope of inspection to test and inspect the home components to ensure you have all of the information to make a knowledgeable decision.

Our inspectors can help identify safety hazards, costly repairs and also give our clients an overall idea of a homes required maintenance and condition.

Inspections: Selling
renovation home inspections

Are you planning a renovation?

Not sure where to start with your home renovation? River Edge Inspections can help.
We can perform a visual inspection of your home and give you a detailed report on the condition of all major home components. We can help identify areas of priority as well as systems or components requiring maintenance or replacement.

Inspections: Selling
wett inspections

Wood Energy Technology Transfer

We will be offering in house inspections services for wood burning energy appliances in the near future. Need help with a WETT inspection in the meantime? We work closely with a well known, reputable WETT inspector.  Feel free to call us and we will connect you with him.

Inspections: Selling
water testing inspection.jpg

Are you sure your well water is safe to drink?

Rivers Edge Inspections is now offering Well Water Testing as an add-on service. We will collect water samples and bring them to the lab for testing. Once we know the results, we will send you a full report.

Make sure the water in your well is safe for you and your family.

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